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If you want to go and get some popcorn, or some goldfish crackers before you start reading this, then go ahead. I'll just wait here. Go on. I don't mind. I can wait.
Also, I seem to have made a few people cry... So, maybe some tissues? Sorry!

You stared at the witch, your blood beginning to boil. How could someone so horrible even exist?
All around the room were other witches, Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Santarens, and so much more. So many things you couldn't bare to handle. And, to top it off, this beckoning, sickening feeling, coming from the shadows in the corner of the room.
"Now then, you've all come such a long way. Who's going to make the first attack?" Medusa asked, nearly mocking everyone.
The Shadow Proclamation stood forth.
"We, the Shadow Proclamation must forbid this to go any further. You are all under arrest for attempting to take over a level five planet, without a warrant. Men, collect the new prisoners." A woman dressed in black instructed, before an army of rhino people marched forth, and attempted to restrain the other sides men. They were blasted by the Daleks, row after row, until all the rhino soldiers laid on the ground, dead.
Medusa gave a sinister smile.
"You see, everyone here is sick and tired of following the rules that others put down for us. So, starting now, we make our own rules." She said, walking around Ciel.
"Alright men, I do believe it is our turn." William said, pushing up his glasses.
Just then, the grim reapers jumped out from behind your side, and started slicing away at the witches. Grell took his chainsaw and put it up to Medusa's throat.
"It's over, witch. We've got you now. Just give it up and I may spare you." He said, moving the chainsaw a bit closer.
"Oh, is it?" She asked before casting a vector arrow spell, launching Grell across the room.
He caught himself half way, stopping him before hitting the wall, and jumping back behind her. He grabbed her, and locking her in place with the revving chainsaw. Now, if she tried to launch him across the room, it would be her own undoing.
"You're not the only one in the room with a chainsaw, you know.” You heard before Grell was slashed on the back by a man who could change his leg into a chainsaw.
Grell fell to the ground.
You stopped watching that section of the fight, and noticed all the other grim reapers, limp, and collapsed. Fortunately, they managed to half the amount of witches in the room.
"Well, looks like we're up." Maka said, holding Soul in her hands.
She turned to you.
"_____, I know things won't go too well, but just remember that it was for the greater good. And, I'm proud to be your friend." She said before marching off with the rest of the academe. Kid looked at you with loving eyes as he passed you, to head into battle.
A tear went down your face. You didn't even know you were starting to cry.
You noticed that Stein and Spirit didn't go.
You watched your friends fight against everything, doing a fair amount of damage; the most so far.
One by one, though, they fell. Maka, Black*Star, Crona and Kid were the last ones standing, and they were surrounded by Daleks.
You looked away right before they were all blasted.
"KIIID!!" You yelled, trying to go forth to him, but you were pulled back by River.
"_____! It's too late! There's no way they could have survived a blast from a Dalek! There's no use in running out there, and getting killed yourself!" She told you, continuing to pull you back.
"No, no! It's not true! He can't be dead! He can't be! Your lying!" You yelled.
"How sad. It seems we've killed her little boyfriend." Medusa mocked.
"You bitch! You bring him back!!" You yelled, tears flowing down your face.
She just laughed.
"We'll take care of those tin cans." Queen Cleopatra stated, holding a type of raygun that you assumed could kill them, but you were too upset to care.
They started blasting the Daleks one by one, until they were all dead.
Just then, the lights started to flicker, giving the Weeping Angels an opportunity to kill the Kings and Queens. They didn't send them back for some reason, just snapped their necks.
The Fire Nation used there benign abilities to light up the room, while the Earth Kingdom started to force the Weeping Angels apart.
"Heh, I guess it's a good thing they turn to stone when their looked at..." River said to herself.
You were just frozen.
Just then, the Cybermen marched through. Toph was able to stop some of them with her mettle bending, but it wasn't enough. They were all zapped in the head with high amounts of electric volts, killing them.
Just then, without any warning, the Waterbenders came through, and started shorting them out.
(Where are they getting the water from...?)
You looked over behind you, and noticed a large fire hose coming from the TARDIS, giving the Waterbenders all the water they could possibly need.
Just then, you noticed that all the Waterbenders had two shadows.
"Uuuuh, Doctor? Why do they have two shadows?" You asked.
"What?" He looked over to the water benders.
"DON'T MOVE! Just, don't move." He yelled at them, and they froze.
(More. More people just dying. For no, FUCKING REASON. Why? Why the hell would anything like this even be allowed? If there is some 'god' out there, why would he let something like this happen?)
"Oi, you lot. Firebenders. Set the shadows on fire." The Doctor ordered.
"What? Why?" One of them asked.
"JUST DO IT! AND FAST!" He yelled.
Without any other question, they complied, setting the second shadows on fire, and destroying them.
It didn't give the Waterbenders much more time, though.
This time, something more sinister went after them.
They flew through the room with god-like speed, and tore through the Waterbenders, and the fire benders.
Before anyone would do anything else, they had risen up a forcefield.
The Doctor used his 'screwdriver' to break the forcefield.
Rose, Mickey, Martha, Jack, River, Sebastian and the Doctor all stepped forth.
The Doctor used some strange device to paralyze the enemy side, and started killing them off. Spirit turned into a scythe, and fell into Stein's hand.
They soon went off into battle as well, leaving you the only one left, other than the TARDIS.
They managed to wipe out the rest of the visible enemy, other than Medusa; but you could still feel an uneasy presents. You knew this wasn't over just yet.
Everyone cornered Medusa, while Sebastian united Ciel.
Medusa gave her signature evil smile, and blasted everyone away. That force was so much, it either knocked out or killed everyone from the Doctors side, leaving Stein, Spirit, Sebastian and an unconscious Ciel.
"You're all so foolish, for I have already achieved my goal before any of you even got here. Don't worry, I was just using that boy as bait. I did nothing to him, yet. You see, my goal was to infuse all of what you just faced with the black blood, and so I did. And here they are~." Medusa said as a new wave of even more powerful enemies came into the room.
"Face it. You've all lost. This time, 'good' doesn't win." She said before laughing at the sky.
(What am I going to do? There all I have left, and not for long! But, I can't do anything to help them!)
You broke down into tears.
Stein took a battle stance, but was soon overpowered by what looked like black electricity. Whatever it was, it got to Spirit, too.
Their screams ran through your head as you watched them in agonizing pain, before dropping to the ground. You noticed your dream catcher falling out of his pocket. The crystal in the center was no longer clear, but black, and had the same kind of electricity flowing through it, like it was part of it.
(Is that, my dream catcher? But, that was destroyed in the fire!)
You fell to your knees and started crying harder as the new, 'insane' Daleks shot Sebastian and Ciel, leaving you completely alone.
Just then, a strange girl came out of the shadows.
"Aw, look who's left, Medusa~!  A poor, lost little girl~." She said.
"Isn't she though, Lisa?" She said back.
(So, that's Lisa?)
"You..." You started.
The two girls froze, and looked at you.
"You've taken everything. Everything I’ve ever cared about, everything I ever will." You clenched your fists.
The floor under you started to break, like something had hit the ground. Hard.
"Well, guess what, you son of a bitch? I won't let you get away with it." Your body was surrounded by flames.
"I'm going to kill, every last one of you, TO MAKE UP FOR THEM!!" You shouted, rising up in the air.
"W-what are you!?" Medusa asked, clearly frightened.
"Me? Everything. I am the outcome of thousands of generations of crossbreeding. I'm a witch, a vampire, a grim reaper, Time Lord, avatar, demon, angel; I am everything, and I'm going to kill you. Deep down, I always knew; but that damned parasite took all my memories of it. But now, oh hoho, now, all that power inside of me has awaken, and it wants revenge." You told her.
You rose your arms, and large stalagmites rose from the ground, piecing through all the Daleks and Cybermen.
You moved your hands out, setting the room on fire, burning nearly everything, but, for some reason, the body's of your friends would not burn.
You used your magic, and rose Medusa and Lisa up, near your face.
"You have done something so unforgivable, that just this once, I will refuse to be the better person. Just, this, once; I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you both, for them." You told them, as you tighten your grip on them, until they could barely breath.
"Looks like... I win... Anyway..." Medusa said with her last breath.
Your eyes turned a fiery white, as you turned to the rest of the black blood ridden creatures. You rose a hand, and one by one they disintegrated. Just then, Asura and Arachnophobia came out from the shadows. You just stared at them for a moment, a tear running down your cheek, before you lifted up both your arms, raising rocks from the ground, trapping them. You then used your magic once more, and sliced off their heads.
Soon after, they vanished, too.
That was it.
That was the last of the enemy.
There were no more presents anywhere around you.
You were all alone.
You fell to the ground, and started crying.
You had hoped that something stupid would happen, like your tears would save your friends; but nothing like that happened at all.
"Why? Why would they take you all away from me? WHY!?" You yelled.
Just the, you got an idea.
You stood up, and and closed your eyes. You focused on everything you loved about your friends. All the honor you had for those you saw march into battle. Those you connected with.
You pictured them, alive and happy.
You focused on that image. You focused on them.
The room filled with light, and you used all your power, and started to reverse the effects of death itself.
You let your power act as a jump start for their lives, sucking their souls back into their bodies, and giving them just enough power to bring them back to life.
But, just as everyone started to gain consciousness, you passed out.

~~~~~~~~Kid's POV~~~~~~~~

I slowly woke up, and noticed _____ standing there, glowing.
“_-_____?” I said before she fainted.
"____!!" I yelled, as she fell to the ground.
I ran over to her, and held her in my arms.
"_____? _____! Please, _____, wake up!" I started crying.
Stein rested his hand on my shoulder.
"She gave her life, to save everyone else in this room." He said, looking at her, nearly crying himself.
"No! No, I won't believe it! She can't be dead! She, she can't be!" I grasped her in a hug as I started crying into her shoulder.
"Come back. Just come back. Please, don't do this to me. Why? Why would they take another one from me? Why can't they just let me be? Why does the world have to take everything away from me?" My grip tightened on her.
I looked up to the ceiling.
"Why!? Why can't you just let her be!? Why, why would you take her!? After all she's done!! You just take her away from all the people she cares about, and who care about her! Why!? Why can't you just give her back!? Why can't you just giver her back to me!?" I yelled.
I hugged her again.
"Just giver her back. Just giver her back. Just giver her back." I whispered, rocking back and forth.
"Kid, just let her go. There's nothing we can-" Maka was cut off by myself.
Just then, the Doctor came over to her, and used his screwdriver on her.
"She may have been part Time Lord, but she used all of her regeneration on us. She had the power of gods in her; but, the body of a grim reaper can only take on so much. I don't think she can-" He stopped and stared at _____.
She gasped, and turned towards my chest, eyes closed.
"No, don't take me away. I want to stay with them! I won't let you take me away!" She yelled, seeming like she was asleep.
"_____? _____! Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!" I yelled, squeezing her.
She opened her eyes, and broke free of my hug.

~~~~~~~~Your POV~~~~~~~~

"Kid? Kid!" You yelled, before kissing Kid on the lips.
You and him started crying.
You both broke the kiss.
"I thought I lost you!" You yelled.
"I thought I lost you! Don't you ever do that again!" Kid yelled back, before hugging you tightly.
"If it makes you feel any better, I don't think she can do that again. Like I said moments ago, my scanners say that she has no more regeneration in her. I'm not sure how magic works, but she can't heal anymore." The Doctor informed.
"I don't care. She's okay!" Kid yelled, squeezing the crap out of you.
"So, we all..." Maka started.
"Died? Yeah. We did." Soul finished.
"Well then. Why don't we get everyone home?" The Doctor asked , walking towards the TARDIS.
Everyone nodded, and followed, while you and Kid stood up.
"You two coming?" River asked, halfway out the door.
"Yes, yeah, we're coming." You told her, looking at Kid.
She went to the other room, leaving you and Kid alone, with the piles of your dead enemies.
"I... I killed them..." You said, looking down.
"Who? Who did you kill, _____?" Kid asked.
"I killed Medusa, and Lisa, and Asura. I killed everyone infused with the black blood. I killed all of them! I should have been the better person, but I wasn't!" You yelled, starting to cry.
Kid hugged you.
"No. They all deserved it. You did the right thing. I'm proud of you."
"But, I killed them! They did it! They pulled me down the their level! They won, and their dead! Medusa was right!"
"What did Medusa say to you?"
"With her last breath, she said 'Looks like I win anyway'. And, she was right. I ended up doing just what they wanted. I was their perfect chaos. Perfect destruction. They didn't care that it would get them killed. They just wanted to win. And they did."
If you think I own Soul Eater, Black Butler, Avatar, Doctor Who or even Cleo, then you sure are silly.
I don't own any of them.
But, I do own your character and Lisa. And this plot.
Damn, this plot went from something sweet and fluffy, to some crazy shit.
You have just entered the strange pit known as my mind.
And lived.
You deserve a medal.
Also, no. This is not the last chapter. There will be more.
Your welcome.

I love you to.

Fixed a shit ton of mistakes!

The following contains spoiler!
:iconmedusa-sweatplz: :iconsaysplz: How the hell were we supposed to know she could do that? So uncalled for...
:iconlifeisablackhole9: :iconsaysplz: Well, sorry. I add plot twists when I'm bored, and I was bored...
:icondaleksplz: :iconsaysplz: That does not compute! Why were you not EXTERMINATED!?
:icondoctorhurr: :iconsaysplz: Whats that, Dalek? I can't hear you over the fact that YOUR DEAD. And by a little girl, too.
:iconlifeisablackhole9: :iconsaysplz: Did you just call my watchers little, Doctor?
:iconsaddoctorplz: :iconsaysplz: N-no ma'am.
:iconkidfacepalmplz: :iconsaysplz: I just can't believe I almost lost _____.
:iconlifeisablackhole9: :iconsaysplz: Aww, Kid! Its okay! Com'er. *hugs*
:icongrellkissyfaceplz: :iconsaysplz: Oh Sebas~chaaaaaaaaan!
:iconangrymakaplz: :iconsaysplz: ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU! THE READERS HAVE ALL LOST INTEREST!!

:iconlifeisablackhole9: :iconsaysplz: I need a life...


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