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Before we begin, I recommend listening to Two Steps From Hell with this chapter! That is all.

After a while, you finished telling the Doctor about your strange dream.
“Sound like Daleks to me...” He said, scratching his chin.
“Yeah, and Sebastian was there, too...” Kid pointed out.
“And that creepy ghost thing!” Liz sounded distressed as she hid behind Patty, who was laughing uncontrollably.
“Yes... Yes... But, why?” The Doctor asked himself.
“Hey, do any of you know a Lisa?” You asked.
“They mentioned a Lisa, snakes, darkness, madness, and black blood. Ringing any bells?” You added.
“Never heard of a Lisa, but snakes could mean Medusa, and madness and darkness tend to come from black blood.” Kid pointed out.
“Wait, so does that mean that Medusa had Ciel?” You asked, sitting up.
“She might have some Daleks, too...” The Doctor muttered to himself.
“Wait. Black blood... What if she plans to infuse him with black blood?” You asked.
“Black blood... Black blood? What is this black blood?” The Doctor asked.
“Well, in a way, its kinda like a power boost. But, at the same time, it drives you completely insane. Fully plunges you into madness. I was there once. It was so dark. But then, my friends saved me.” Kid explained, smiling at the end.
“This is bad. Oh, this is bad, bad, bad.” The Doctor said, losing himself in his thoughts.
“If she does have Daleks, and plans to infuse them with this ‘black blood’ alwell, we could be facing hell.” He said, pacing the TARDIS.
“Well, what do we do?” You asked.
“First, we get to your group. Second, we find Medusa. Third, we stop her.” He told the for of you.
“Sounds fair.”
“Well, lets stop standing here! Lets go!” Kid shouted.
“Right!” The Doctor exclaimed, pulling a lever, causing the entire room to shake uncontrollably.
“Alright, we’re here.” He said, walking over to the doors.
He pushed them open, and walked out.
You noticed that not only your friends were there, but so were Stein and Spirit. Everyone looked confused.
You and the others walked out of the TARDIS, getting some exited looks from your friends.
“_____, Kid, Liz, Patty! You guys are okay! But, whos this guy?” Maka asked you.
“Hello there! I’m the Doctor!” He informed, shaking everyone's hands and smiling.
Everyone else introduced themselves, and filled in their sides of the story.
“Well, I think its clear we were brought here for a reason.” Stein said, looking at everyone.
“Yes, but what do we do?” Grell asked.
“Quick! Do you have anything of Ciel’s?” The Doctor asked Sebastian.
“I have his eyepatch... But I don’t see how it will help...” He replied, holding out the eyepatch.
“That’ll do nicely!” The Doctor exclaimed, snatching the eyepatch from Sebastian.
Before anyone could ask any questions, the Doctor had already ran into his TARDIS, and came back out with a strange device. The Doctor put Ciel's eye patch in the device, and it started making strange beeping sounds and parts of it were spinning.
"Everyone! In the TARDIS! I know where they are!" The Doctor exclaimed.
Everyone nodded and ran into the strange blue box.
The Doctor started pushing buttons, and flipping switches. You just stood there, like you knew what to do. You walked over to a lever, and pulled it, almost as if possessed. You started pushing buttons, and flipping switches along with the Doctor. He just smiled, reassuring everyone that you were doing it right. You and the Doctor walked over to a big lever, both put your hand on it at the same time, looked at each other, smiled, and pulled it with all your might. The TARDIS begun her flight, all the way to Ciel.
She stopped, letting you all know you were there. Everyone was aware of the danger that was undoubtedly out those doors, but went through them anyway.
You expected the worst, but instead, found ourselves in a completely dark room. The lights turned on, revealing a warehouse like building, but with nothing in it.
In the center of the large room, was a girl, looking to be in her mid twenties, wearing what looks like a combat outfit, complete with guns, and hair with quite a bit of volume.
"Hello Sweetie." She said with a smile.
She started walking over to your group.
"River? What are you doing here? How are you here?" The Doctor asked.
"Spoilers." She said with a somewhat mocking tone, waving her finger at the Doctor.
"You know her?" You turned to the Doctor and asked.
"Yes. Everyone, this is River. River, this is everyone. Now then, what are you doing here?" He returned the question to her once more.
"I thought you could use some help. Especially since what's coming is going to need more than just us." She replied.
"What? What do you mean!?" Kid asked.
"Something's coming. Something big. Take everything you've had to fight, or defeat, even if you haven't yet. Now, put that together with everyone else's. they've all teamed up. Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, you name it. And, we have reasons to believe that creatures from this world, and others have also gotten in on this." She informed.
"Like Medusa, and the other witches?" You asked.
"Maybe even Asura..." Stein pointed out, looking at the ground.
"This is going to be the biggest fight of all of our lives; and there's no telling if we'll win." River said, nearly zoning out at the thought.
"Well then! Let get ourselves an army!" The Doctor yelled out.
"Everyone! Back into the TARDIS!!" He shouted, pointing a finger to the sky, before walking back to his ship.
Everyone piled up in the TARDIS, including River.
You, the Doctor and River started pushing buttons and flipping switches. You looked at the TARDIS' screen and noticed that the veils between dimensions were so thin, they may aswell have not been there.
You all went from dimension to dimension gathering people. A girl named Rose, and her friend Micky. A doctor named Martha. The Phantomhive staff, along with William T. Spears, Ronald Knocks, and an entire fleet of other Grim Reapers, and a strange man named Undertaker, who became fast friends with Stein. Then, you went back to the DWMA, and gathered all it's students. You were surprised that everyone fit in such a small box. You thought the army was large enough, but the Doctor thought otherwise. He pulled the lever once more, and made it back to his dimension, to get a captain Jack Harkness, who wasted no time hitting on everyone on board, earning a scalding from the Doctor. He started going throughout time, gathering all the great warriors, war heroes, kings and queens from earth. There were so many people on board, that some had to overflow in the hallways from the control room. The Doctor then went from planet to planet, doing the same he had done to earth. Gathered all the great warriors throughout time and space. He even got the Shadow Proclamation in.
After that, he went to a dimension that no one had here of, picking up the 'Fire nation', 'Earth Kingdom', 'Water Nation' and the 'Avatar'. Whatever that means.
With this complete new army, the Doctor, River, Stein, Sebastian and even Lord Death through his mirror, gave a speech, altogether.
"This is not going to be easy. In fact, this is going to be that hardest thing any of you will ever have to do." Stein started.
"Yes, we are about to face Daleks, Weeping Angels, Santarens, Cybermen." The Doctor continued.
"Witches." Lord Death added.
"And even devils." Sebastian warned.
"And worst of all, Asura may even be in there. The god of insanity. There is no telling what all they have up their sleeves, but one thing's for sure: if they're willing to team up against us, they intend to win. Even if they fight to their last breath." Stein told.
"Yes, so we must do the same." Lord Death instructed.
"Indeed, but we have to be brilliant, no, better than brilliant. We have to be as extraordinary as we can be." The Doctor said.
"If we don't, we could die." River added.
William rose up from the crowd.
"Whereas no ones names are in our books, death by unnatural causes, or what we are about to face out there, do not show up on the books. I most certainly cannot assure safety, or that any of us will walk out of this alive." He warned, pushing his glasses up with his branch cutter.
"Well, this is it. It's time for the fight of our lives." You said.
You hugged Kid tightly.
"_-_____?" Kid said.
"Yeah, Kid?"
He kissed your cheek.
"Incase this ends badly... I just want you to know that, well, you're the best thing to have ever happened to me, and, I, I, I-!" Kid was cut off by your lips pressed against his.
Soul and Black*Star looked at each other, like their work was done.
You and Kid separated after a few seconds.
"The feelings are mutual, Stripes." You told him, smiling.
He just smiled back, not seeming to care about the nickname.
If it were any other time, you'd have pointed it out, but this was hardly a time for one of his breakdowns.
You, the Doctor and River started putting in coordinence and getting the TARDIS ready to head to the right destination.
Once you had landed, everyone just stared at the TARDIS' doors, as the Doctor went over to them, and opened them. He looked both ways, making sure the cost was clear, then gave the signal.
All the weapon/meister pairs started getting prepared.
"Does everyone remember what to do if you encounter one of the Weeping Angels? Or a Dalek?" The Doctor asked.
Everyone yelled out 'yes' at once.
"Well then, ALLONS-Y!!" He yelled, charging out of the TARDIS, leading the rest of the army.
You all charged throughout the building, blowing up Daleks, and shattering Weeping Angels. Shorting out Cybermen, and crushing out Santarens. There was one room, the heart of the building. That was where you were headed, but it was heavily guarded.
You all wasted no time in knocking out the guards.
You tried opening the door, but it needed multiple keys to open it.
"Damnit! We can't get in!" You yelled.
The Doctor moved you out of the way, and flashed his pen like thing all around the door. It opened with ease.
Inside, you saw Medusa, standing next to a boy, about the age of thirteen, strapped down to a table. He was unconscious.
"Young master!" Sebastian yelled angrily.
"Aww, you can't take him just yet! I just got him!" The witch Medusa cried out, mockingly.
"Well then, witch. What's your plan?" Stein asked.
"Destruction. Complete, and utter, destruction." She replied.
I. Don't. Own. Shit.
I don't own Soul Eater.
I don't own Black Butler.
I don't own Doctor Who.
And, I don't own Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

But, quite frankly, I like all of those shows.

Rightio then! Shits about to go down. I'm sure it was a lot more epic when I was writing it, seeing as how I was listening to some freaking bad-ass soundtrack.
I'm ganna go on a whim here, and guess that you were too lazy to go onto Spotify or Grooveshark and play some Two Steps From Hell, yeah?
Well, guess what?
Now you get to re-read this chapter, with the awesome soundtrack. :P
Or don't...
I've stopped caring...

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